Groups and Events pre COVID-19

Ballet/Tap 3/4 eve’s a week
Dancing with Donna
Formal dance Thursday eve
Yoga Mon morning

Indoor Bowls
Junior Football, training weeknights and game Sat/Sun during season

Barford Craft every other week
Youth club every other Friday

Parish Council monthly
WI monthly
V.Hall Committee monthly
Barford Social monthly in Summer
T Pot Tuesday monthly (to increase after lockdown)

Polling station annually
Football inter village annual game
Cricket inter village annual game
Fundraisers for cancer, dementia and local causes
Amateur Radio club annual rally
School sports day (also fitness lessons on field) 
Halloween, fireworks and bbq night
Christmas fare

Occasional hire for children’s/adult parties. Weddings, Christenings
Wakes, meeting place for small groups
Evacuation centre for school (they hold a key).

Potential groups and events

Requests for a New type of Golden days, Indoor bowls, Toddler group 

We are Fundraising for a new Playground

Barford and Wramplingham’s only community park at the village hall has become tired and outdated over the years. Several pieces have had to be removed due to health and safety. and the large central focus area needs more work on it than is financially viable.

It is time to have a revamp and replace the existing pieces and give the children a new, fun and safe place to play and have fun.

If you are interested in helping us fundraise you can contact the Village Hall, or if you wish to donate please do by using the button below.