Barford, Wramplingham and District W.I.

The Barford, Wramplingham and District WI have been meeting in the village since 1923, and is amongst the oldest continuous WI's in the country. Meeting areevery 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7.30 p.m. , and new members always welcome.   The usual format is either an interesting talk/ informal evening/or discussion,  followed by delicious refreshments and the usual raffle, maybe a Bring and Buy, and loads od chat and laughter.  If you'd like more information about us, go  to our web page on www.thewi.org.uk, and follow the links to us.   For more detailed information, please phone our secretary, Joan Keen on 01603 744125.

Diary of  Meetings 2020
 14th January Resolutions by Joan                Comp: Quiz

11th February The Red Cross                       Comp: A family medicinal remedy

10th March The Many Ages of Women: Susan Seddon Comp: A Theatrical Momento

Wed. 8th April Federation Annual Meeting

14th April The Bus Pass Man            Comp: A Model Bus or Car  BRING AND BUY

 Mon 27th April GROUP MEETING AT MATTISHALL Norwich Harmony Ladies Acapella Chorus

12th May Resolutions with Delegate. Jewellery Talk: Rosie Thomas
                                                                      Comp: Jewellery with a story/ memory
9th June The Lady Mole Catcher                      Comp: Make a mole

14th July Yoga Dem/Talk: Jacqui Sutton          Comp: Lotus Flower, your way

11th August A Jigsaw Race (500 pce) Teas: from fund raising

8th September Uganda Support Fund :Robert Webster
                                       Comp: Favourite  Christmas Cake/pudding recipe and w.h.y.

Mon 28th September GROUP MEETING AT HETHERSETT Mike Woodhouse, Author of ‘The Gypsy Code’

13th October (our 97th birthday) Open Meeting BRING AND BUY Danstarr singer
                                                                    Comp: Autumnal Posy

10th November Annual Meeting/Members’Night Beetle Drive

8th December Open Meeting God Rest Ye Merry: Linda Scoles
                                                                    Comp: A Christmas Decoration Teas: All