A little bit about Us

Village Hall Committee

Chairman:    Norman Cox        Vice Chair:   Ged Stoneman         Secretary:    Fran Cox     Bookings: Fran C ox

Other Committee Members:  Charlie Harrold, Sandra Tovee, Alice James , Kathy Stoneman


The Committee meet monthly, and are very happy to hear from residents about what you would like to see happening here, what improvements (within reason) we can make, and any other events or groups you would like to see the Hall used for. Also we would like to hear from anyone who may be able to volunteer to help at occasional events.  Finally, as we do not employ any cleaners due to financial restraints, the volunteers who keep the hall clean would appreciate your thoughtfulness when using the facilities.  Thank you. 


To a casual observer just driving through, Barford is one of those quiet little villages that you tend to assume that nothing much goes on there, but you'd be quite wrong!    
Barford doesn't have street lights, many pavements, and no Pub (at present), but it is absolutely full of lovely friendly people, busy enjoying life with their work, family and friends, or joining in the many clubs and groups and events , etc., that go on in our the Village . We also have a a beautifuly Church, a Garage (service and sales), a small industrial estate, as well as many other businesses, such as the Barford Fishing Lakes, and Barford Van Hire. Our population of around 547 (2011 census) have a wide diversity of ages , incomes, and leisure pursuits. Our Village Hall caters for nearly everyone, with the Golden Days afternoon club, the WI, Art and Craft Groups, Dance classes and a Football club, etc., and information for these is shown on our Village Hall Notice Board, as well as here. See our Clubs and Groups page.
Annually we hold the Barford Festival, Christmas Fayre, Firework and Halloween Night, not to mention the Annual Cricket Match and the Barford Crafts event. With our many country walks, peace and tranquility, huge open skies, not to mention our close proximity to Wymondham , Hethersett and Barnham Broom,with their convenient shops and other attractions.  Barford is definitely a wonderful place to live.   KS


Wramplingham, situated in the river valley of the Tiffey, is a beautiful little village with several historic and listed buildings. Being such a small comunity of around 100 people in 44 hourseholds has creaed a great comunity spirit. The annual village picnic, carol concert and other events are well attended.
Wramplingham is also the site of the famous Wramplingham Mill, a beautiful old building sadly demolished in 1945. The parish church of St Peter and St Paul is one of Norfolk's characteristic round-tower flint churches.
(NB)  Would anyone in Wramplingham like to rewrite or add to these paragraphs?  If so, please contact the webmaster on barfordcrafts@gmail.com